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Concept Cars From The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Every year automakers use auto shows around the world to showcase solid production models, innovations, and concept cars. The concept cars usually receive more news than everything else at these shows combined, and they should. After all, concepts showcase technological breakthroughs and design cues that will ultimately trickle down to the production vehicles of the brands that build them. In that spirit, here are a few of the top concepts coming out of the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

The big concept from Jaguar this year is an Austin Powers (James Bond if you don’t know who he is) type of car that actually includes a power boost button. Jaguar has been reinvigorating its sedans with the help of chief designer Ian Callum. His latest proposal is the C-X16, a sleek, compact, two-seat sports car with a lightweight body, six-cylinder engine and a hybrid system that uses a boost button to vault the car around slowpokes on the highway. Where are the oil slick and machine gun mounts?

The Mercedes F125 is a big sedan with a sports car stance. That is always a bonus, but according to experts, its fuel-cell/plug-in hybrid power system could be prohibitively expensive, so this one will mostly likely stay a concept.

The Land Rover DC 100 is a redesign of the African safari sized Defender. The Defender has been essentially untouched since 1990 and Land Rover is using this concept and others to find out if there is a need for the redesign in the eyes of the public.

Volvo Concept You is a big sedan with wooden floors, suit fabric on the seats, and a sound system that uses fresh air from outside the car to power the subwoofers. With a few practical refinements, this could be Volvo’s answer to its dwindling marketshare.

Audi Urban Concept lets you jump right in, literally. There are no doors, you get in through the roof area. The Urban Concept only weighs 1,058 pounds and is purely electric. It could be a create short range commuter and is a lot hotter looking than a Smart Fortwo.

Each of these could be fun cars to drive, but only two (personal opinion) will probably make it all the way to production: the Jaguar and the Land Rover. The Mercedes would probably be too expensive even for high-end buyers, the Volvo is probably not conservative enough to appeal to the company’s standard demographic, and the lack of doors could prove unnerving for Audi buyers. Of course, concept cars are rarely built to go into real production. Rather, they are exercises in design and engineering, allowing designers to stretch the limits of their creativity without the burden of practical implications.

Auto Event – LA Auto Show

Being held since the year 1907, the LA Auto show has been the center of attraction for the whole of auto industry including auto part suppliers. With the show being only the second International Auto Show in the US to be officially recognized by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, there’s the anticipation that it would feature some truly pulsating exhibits.

The international automobile exhibition is an annual event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Back in 1907, the first show was held at the at Morley’s Skating Rink in downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks away from the present venue. Historically held during early January, it now takes place in November, after it celebrated its 100 years of success in 2006.

The LA Auto Show usually conjures up images of scintillating concept cars and world debuts of many autos. However, there’s a lot more for the aftermarket part suppliers and buyers as well. The show is a useful event as you can find most automotive parts which are associated with trucks, vans and SUVs.

Here are some examples to the fact that its not just an event showcasing dazzling cars only.

Wheels, Tires & Suspension: Wheels are an important automotive part that not only enhance the look of the vehicles but ensure a good fuel economy too. A lot of wheel components such as Automotive Wheels, Automotive Tubes, Linkage Parts, Radial Tires, Tires and Wheels Accessories, Tubeless Tires make it possible. In 2007, a couple of wheel manufacturers and suppliers who exhibited included Lorinser, Diablo, Center Line Wheels, and many more.

Automobile Accessories Most Trucks, Vans & SUV owners can expect a wide array of automotive accessories to customize and style their autos as the wish. Accessories such as Automotive Body Polishes, Automobile Maintenance Supplies, Automotive Seats , Car Care Products and Tools, Audio Devices, Video Devices , Security Devices don’t power an automobile but the surely enhance our comfort and safety in addition to making the vehicle appealing.

Other notable exhibits during previous shows have been specialty vehicles and tuners & performance, electronics & technology, appearance, supplies for automobiles.

Most major automobile manufacturers display at the show.

Review of the New Jaguar After the Paris Auto Show

The legendary British car maker Jaguar finally unveiled the long-awaited F-Type at the Paris Auto Show. It was a spectacular unveiling, featuring a performance by American singer Lana Del Ray, who should be the face of the car, promoting it worldwide.

The F-Type is based on the Jaguar C-X16 concept, unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. It’s basically a successor to the last sports car by Jaguar, the legendary E-Type. This is a two-seat convertible, just like the E-Type.

The F-Type is available in three versions – F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S – and they all come with supercharged engines. The F-Type has a 3.0-liter V6 engine, offering 340 hp. It goes from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds with a maximum speed of 161 mph. The F-Type S comes with the same 3.0-liter V6 engine, but it can provide up to 380 hp. Its top speed is 171 mph and it does the 0-60 sprint in 4.8 seconds. Lastly, the F-Type V8 S runs on a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 480 hp. It is of course the fastest of the three, with a 186 mph top speed and needs only 4.2 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph.

The rear-wheel drive convertible is fitted with an 8-speed automatic gearshift, and no manual transmission is offered. It features a Dynamic Launch Mode which assists steering. For those who want to make an impression and get noticed, there is a sport exhaust that produces a powerful sound typical of a strong sports car.

The body is made of lightweight aluminum and provides an ideal 50:50 weight distribution. It is a little bit wider than other similar sports cars, such as the Porsche 911, although about an inch shorter, which is insignificant.

The interior that the F-Type has to offer is obviously luxurious and very elegant. There are leather seats, a console with aluminum finisher, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a surround sound with 10 speakers.

Unlike most sports cars, the Jaguar F-Type also tries to be more environmentally-friendly. It emits 80% less CO2 thanks to the way the body structure is bonded. There is also a stop/start system that brings the engine to a halt when the car stops, which saves fuel.

The price tag for the basic model is $69,000 and the V8 will sell for $92,000.

Overall, we could say that the F-Type is the first sports car that Jaguar has released in 40 years, which will offer a luxurious and high-speed ride to all sports cars lovers.

Arguably, the new Jaguar is the shining star of the event, but there are many other contenders there, especially the new Ford’s Mondeo, Golf, McLaren’s P1, and maybe the Range Rover.